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Her name is Catherine. She once decided to create a blog with her attempts of cooking vegetarian to a meat-family. Now she adjusts the blog with all her hobbies: cooking, knitting, crafting…Just a food-blog just for her would be too restricted for her.

O seu nome é Catherine. Uma vez decidiu criar um blog com as suas tentativas de cozinhar vegetariano para uma família que come carne. Agora ela ajusta o blog com todos os seus hobbies: cozinhar, tricotar, fazer trabalhos manuais…Apenas um blog de culinária seria muito restrito para ela.



1. teeni - October 16, 2007

Hello Cath! It’s so nice to see another almost-vegetarian blog out here. I am also trying to be vegetarian but not completely – I guess ovo-lacto like you is more what I am. I am also Portuguese. Where is your family from? Sorry I don’t speak it though. I was born and raised in the states at a time when everyone wanted their kids to fit in so they didn’t teach both languages. Anyway, the recipes you tried so far look wonderful – the bread reminds me of the peasant cornbread my Vovo used to eat. So, welcome to the land of blogs and if you need any help or anything please come by and visit my site anytime! 🙂 http://vtroom.wordpress.com

2. teeni - October 16, 2007

Oh, I found you through Ariell – she is a wonderful person to go to for help also – she is young and fun but has been a vegetarian for a long time.

3. dulce - November 2, 2008

obrigado pela sua visita.
Com o seu trabalhinho em ponto de cruz pode fazer uma almofada ou um quadro.
É muito bonito, é pena ficar guardado numa gaveta

4. Penny - August 5, 2009

I can not get this page to be in regular print.. The letters are HUGE…But if the idea is to say what got me knitting???
my Mom taught me to crochet when I was about 12 years old.. She tried to teach me knitting but it did not work out.. So I knitted for a long time..Then about 8 years ago I decided I was going to teach myself to knit and so I did and I have not stopped since… I knit everyday 🙂 Now I have 8 Grandchildren so there is alot of knitting going on here.. 🙂

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